Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Early Age

Black lace tail dress- Vogue/  LoveIt Jewelry/ Two-tone nude platform- Qupid/ Vintage black leather brief case- Buffalo Exchange

     Dripping in some more LoveIt Jewelry! Today's outfit consisted of a black romantic silhouette and delicate jewels. Found this lace tail dress while shopping on Melrose. Couldn't help myself when I notices the deep backless V and the flared sleeves. Shot some more LoveIt Jewelry today with the one and only Tracie Pennypacker! Together we shot some more pieces you could possibly win if you ENTER the LoveIt Jewelry giveaway!! If you haven't heard we are giving a $125 voucher to any piece of LoveIt jewelry that you choose. All you have to do is follow four simple steps!! Enter asap here. Don't miss out on this amazing giveaway and keep posted for more LoveIt pieces. Can't wait to see who wins this big giveaway!
-Maritza M.

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  1. I want/need that dress! Followed

    Sophh Elizabeth

  2. Oh and what are the simple steps please! Its each link goes onto the other :(

    Sophh Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Sophh! yes the 4 steps are:
      1) Like LoveIt Jewelry on facebook here:
      2)Follow us on Twitter @thevanityyouth & @loveitshop
      3)retweet giveaway blogpost here:!/LoveItShop/status/169897512608600067

      4)And last leave a comment stating your favorite LoveIt jewelry piece. but post your comment on the giveaway blog post here:

      and look around on to find you favorite jewelry piece.

      if you have any more question feel free to ask hun!! thanks! much love

      -Maritza M.

  3. Oh my gosh!
    I want it!

    ~Eau de Violet

  4. Hi Maritza!
    Adorable dress! It's amazing! I love it most with the 2nd head piece! I like how the chain is thin and gets thick!

    Love your shoes a lot too. And super cute bag! :)

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale
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