Friday, February 17, 2012

Desert Rose

Rayon printed bell pants- Skies are blue/  Chiffon ivory blouse- Frenchi/  Brown strap heel- Buffalo Exchange/ LoveIt Jewelry

         My latest purchase from my favorite Fullerton boutique "Roadkill", are these bright colored, fun printed bell bottoms. Knew they were a "must have" when I spotted them. Paired them with some hippie styled strap heels and amazing LoveIt pieces! Once again, another 70's inspired look. I think I secretly wish I was apart of that decade. Make sure if you , haven't already, to ENTER the LoveIt Jewelry Giveaway!!! You could win one of these lovely pieces I'm wearing or any of your choice! All details on how to enter here!  Happy Friday guys!
 xo - Maritza M.

I am wearing:
Journey Necklace- Vintage steal chain, 1970's sea turtle pendent, natural jasper, coral & turquoise, vintage hand carved bone beads.
Desert Rose Ring- Actual desert rose, turquoise.
Caravan- Vintage 1960's copper crust, 1960's/70's filigrees, sterling silver earring hooks.
Desert Dance bracelet- 1970's charms, 1960's Lucite beads, raw turquoise, reclaimed sterling silver amber pendent, vintage reclaimed chain. 
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  1. Replies
    1. yaay glad you like! I will be doing another shoot on monday and take closer shots of the turtle necklace!:))

  2. love love love your pants!!! so fun. i just absolutely love your style girl. you are so inspirational! <3


    1. thanks girl <3 means a lot!! much love!! - Maritza M.

  3. Wow, they look awesome on you. I could NEVER pull something like that off! You did so so effortlessly chic! It's fabulous!! I love the slouchy top too, and all your beautiful accessories!

    I really love the way you did your makeup. Do you mind sharing what brand/shade lipstick you're using? It looks nice!

    I'm your new follower~

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale
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    1. Thanks Josie! much appreciated!!:) I am wearing this lipstick brand called NYX and the color is just hot pink:) I bought it at the mall at just one of those cheap jewelry stores and it was only like $4.:) Thanks again!! much love - Maritza M.

  4. LOVE your blog....darling! Love those pants. Incredible.

    Shall we follow each other? I would love it.
    xxxx Emily