Saturday, December 31, 2011

Downtown to Melrose

Vintage Black Fur coat-American Vintage/ Leopard Blouse- Forgein Exchange/ Thrift Black Denim Short/ Black Crochet Shall- Avenue/PopKiller Round Flip Shades/Forlove21 Gold Cuff/ Safety Platform- Jeffrey Campbell

    This post I was very eager and excited to post beacuse of the overflow of amazing shots Stephanie Yu took on Wednesday on our adventure to Downtown and upper parts of L.A. We first made our stop at downtown hot spot "Erth Cafe" where we found random alleys, over decoratded christmas tree, and many locals. In my first look I was wearing a christmas present I recieved this year that I was excited to blog about! This vintage black fur coat was a good find at one of my favorite shops "American Vintage". I paired it with a Leopard blouse I purchased at my work along with some classy tights and my new Campbells. Next Me and Stephanie hit up Melrose St. in West Hollywood where we found some good deals as well as amazing street style. Stephanie took a picture of a guy that screamed total L.A. street style. In my second look I decided to throw over this crochet shall which drapes amazingly on any figure.  Thank you so much Stephanie for these amazing photos and our fun adventure wandering around L.A. Cant wait to see where our next project takes us! -Maritza M.

Make sure to check out more of Stephanie's work here!

-Ill be posting my new years attire very soon as well as a recap of the Year 2011! So keep a look out! and Happy New Year Everyone! 


  1. Love that crochet shawl! Very bohemian. Hope you have a great New Year! <3


  2. Thank you toni!! Happy New Year to you as well!!

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    1. thanks:)! yess im obsessed with them!! there awsome!

  4. Love your top and those shoes are fabulous!


  5. Love this post. Oh how i miss Melrose :/....

    You have a new follower :)
    Love your blog.
    hope you can check out my blog.

  6. Thanks for the awesome comment ;] I am loving those heels, so eccentric!