Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Modern 70's Woman: Bell Sleeve

Vintage Foral Bell Sleeve Blouse/ Corduroy Skirt- Thrift/ Black Strap Wedge- Ecote`
    Another 70's inspired look this month. I go threw my months of which decade seem to inspire me the most. Something about the care free drape of the bell shape seem to win my heart. Found this vintage chiffon blouse at my work along with this corduroy pencil skirt. Definately in the category of good finds. Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes on wed.! Happy Sunday guys!
 - Maritza M.   

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nineteen Wishes

Better B. Red fish tail dress- Thirft/ Vintage peach gold belt/ Envelope clutch- Thrift/ Cat eye shades- Pop Killer/  Saftey Platforms- Jeffrey Campbell
      Birthday Post! Today I only turn the lame age of 19, but its the last year I'll ever be called a teen. As I get older I might have to think of renaming Vanity"Youth" ... but for now Ill be content with 19. So my birthday attire this year I didnt really know what I was going for until I saw this flawless rich red fish tail dress! Found at my work where my co-workers and I matched it with this vintage peach gold belt which gave me the perfect Birthday silhouette! Also purchased this black envelope clutch at Buffalo Exchange for a amazing prices of $5. Together this look cost me less than $20. Shot these photos while strolling around one of my favorite shopping mall Fashion Island. And thanks to one of my best friends JR Millama for my new blog title sketch! New Year, New Age and time to plan new projects! Much Love.                                       
  -Maritza M.

Photographer credit: JR Millama

Monday, January 23, 2012


Vintage Iron Maiden tee/ Vintage Bermans Suede coat/ American Vintage fur collar/ Vintage Levi shorts/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

   Meet Ms. Dewella...Met this feline friend while snapin some shots today over at this cute Spanish inspired housing in Fullerton called "Dewella". So I decided to name her "Ms. Dewella" after her home. I always seem to find the stray cats whenever Im out and about... and everytime I do my get over excited because cats are my favorite animals since a young age. So glad I finally got to model with one of these sexy creatures:) My first day of second semester attire turned out to be many vintage pieces of clothing all put together. Was a comfortable look until it started raining... Make sure to check out the finally revamp of my blog and a sepcial birthday post look on Wed.! Much Love!
-Maritza M.

p.s.- I really want to change my url link , but ive been holding off because I want all my followers to know when I change it and what my new url will be! I want to make it more simple. Ill let you know forsure day and time when I change it. let me know in a comment if you read this so I know how many ppl. know this before I change it. Thanks:)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Gold: Bellbottoms

Paint it Black Striped bells- American Gold/ Mesh coverup- Kaityln/ Cross back blouse- Buffalo Exchange/  Gun Earrings- Popkiller/ Safety Platforms- Jeffrey Campbell

              A 70's inspired look! My latest purchase from American Gold: These striped black bellbottoms im obsessing over. Been wanting to own my own pair of bells for awhile and I fell in love with the see through, free flowing, striped print on these American Gold ones. Wore this look around The Orange Circle where I did some serious antique shopping. Can't wait for whats ahead! New looks, up and coming collaborations, travel projects, and birthday surprise:)  
- Maritza M.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Street Fashion: The Urban Child

Urban Outfitters/Faux Fur Scarf/ Ecote` Suede Split Wedge/ Woven Litas- Jeffrey Campbell
       Hey guys! Here are the first pictures I shot with my new canon rebel! Today I did a shoot with one of my long time best friend Victoria Ayad. Ive decided that I am going to start a new feature post every month highlighting a new Street Styler I know, because its insane to count how many good friends I have that have there own unique Street Style, and it needs to be seen! Victoria is not only a urban child herself but shes also an amazing street hiphop dancer that currently dances for Boogiezone Breed!  Shots these looks in Fullertons panaromic view spot and Downtown Fullerton. Had so much fun shooting you Victoria hope you enjoy:) Stay tune for more look post soon!
-Maritza M.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Up and Coming on Vanity Youth

Orignal Sketch done by JR Milliama
   Up and coming projects on Vanity Youth, as well as a web makeover coming soon! Sorry I've been lagging on the post guys. Ive been actually planning big projects that are going to take place in the next two weeks to revamp my blog. Also something that I have been looking forward to is finally on its way! The past two months Ive been saving up to get my very own Canon Rebel T3i Camera and the time has finally come for me to own it! This will mean daily posting of everything you can possibly imagine. Big things coming this way for Vanity Youth! So look out for the new changes in the next week and make sure to check out the finally revamp launch on January 25th! And thank you for all the warm welcomes and awsome blog links I recieved when I recently joined the creative community of "Independent Fashion Bloggers"! I enjoyed reading all your blogs as well as meeting new fashion bloggers. Also a thankyou to Toni from "The Love Hanger" for the blogger nomination! Cant thankyou enough for your support and love!  Can't wait for whats to come!:)
- Maritza M.