Monday, July 30, 2012

Lollipops & Polk dots

Reversible polka dot/gingham print shorts- Retro thrift/  Aquamarine striped criss-cross bikini top- American Apparel/ Mint crochet knit- OGU (LA)/ Tortoise shell cat-eye sunnies- Buffalo Exchange/ White & pink roller-skates 

   Summertime Sugar find! Finally like to share with you some new findings and news:) I must say this was one of my most anticipated shoot. Busting out the pink wheels I was overly excited to shoot these bad boys. Getting some looks while rolling around the beach was expected, being that I'm the only one still riding the quads. Yes, I do prefer quads over roller-blades, skateboard, or bicycle... simple because they match my outfit better;) This ensemble kinda of put itself together, feeling like a lollipop roller babe. Found these AMAZING high waisted reversible Polka dot shorts at my work! I fell in love the gingham pink print and then finding out they reserve into pink polka dots... I died! Topping off my beach look with a touched up pink ombre (which is pinker than ever), and I had to throw in a Disneyland bought giant lollipop! What cha think!? Now for more exciting news, I've received more goodies from Dolce Vita! I opened another clothing packaged this time from DV's fall collection. Excited to be featured as a guest blogger again, so stay tune to see the amazing piece they sent me! Much Love!
-Maritza M.

Hair & Makeup done by Jeanne Bagley
Photos taken by Julie Hileman           

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Neon white trim dress- Seaton/ White weaved hat- Buffalo Exchange/ Vintage white opal ring/ Soiree- Jeffrey Campbell

   Feelin' like a 70's beach babe in this neon beach cover-up! My newest addition to my summer beach wear that I stumbled upon from the sea of of neon brights at Buffalo. For the exceptional price of only $13.50, this white ball trim adorableness is perfect to throw over a wet bathing-suit for a day on the ocean side. I don't know about you, but when I'm at the beach a simple easy cover-up is much more satisfying than some tight denim shorts and a tank while your bathing suit is drying. Keeping it comfortably easy is a must while your running around in the sand. Bringing on the neon brights all summer:) Stay tune for more beach wear findings soon!!:) Happy Summer Days!
-Maritza M.     

Photos taken by Leah Slatic

Friday, July 13, 2012

LoveIt Jewelry Summer Blowout Sale!

LoveIt Jewelry 

   Stock up on your favorite summer jewelry now! LoveIt is having its summer blowout sale just for you! 30% off all jewels and free shipping on all orders! Dont miss out on wearing your own one- of-a-kind, Eco friendly pieces of jewelry! Had fun running around Long Beach for this summer shoot:) Tracie and I are both wearing LoveIt Jewelry's pieces from her summer collection:) See more HERE!!
-Maritza M.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lucite White

White Blazer- Kaitlyn/  Black & Gold vintage inspired top- Lovely Day/  High waisted white shorts- Buffalo Exchange/ LoveIt Jewelry/ Soiree heel- Jeffrey Campbell 

   All white alright! Lately I've been inspired by the classic street style of young British and French women. Seeing the street style of Europe looks so clean and refreshing! Finally got to pair my new glass slippers with thrift findings:) Definitely the perfect summer outfit I've assembled this year. Keeping cool with cute cut out tops and bright whites. Pairing my new every day heel with almost every outfit this week. Stay tune for some more thrifted treasures that recently hit my wardrobe! Keep cool:)
-Maritza M.

Photos taken by Julie Hileman:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American Sweetheart

American Flag Tee- Buffalo Exchange/ Half Bleached studded shorts- Handmade/  Neon Aviators- Popkiller/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffery Campbell/  American Flag Cropped Sweater- Thrift/ Metallic blue skirt- Popkiller/ Heart shaped sunnies- Popkiller/ Red platforms- Kimchi Blue 

    Happy 4th of July everyone! My 1st 4th of July post, (because I didn't do one last year) I decided to go full out in my Stars n Stripes! Pulled out these fun buys I purchased at my work that are one of a kind! This year my festive assemble consist of a fun American Flag knit cropped sweater I stumbled upon months ago and paired it with my firework like metallic blue skirt! With my pair of red platforms and some sweetheart shades, I got my self a perfect evening outfit. I look like a true 50's American Women:) And then for some night time firework fun I decided to be a little more comfortable in some high-waisted half bleached studded shorts, my over-sized American Flag tee, and my Matallic Midnight Litas! Now off to some 4th of July dress up parties! Stay tune for some fun 4th of July craziness pictures!

-Maritza M. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Summer Closet

Back in December I made one of the most logical purchases ever which was my clothing rack. I was in desperate need of one since my cramped closet was (as we Buffaloers call it) "Un-shoppable" (which's means unable to look through... a.k.a- frustrating!)   It really helps re-evaluate what pieces are keepers if by the second or third round of a closet cleansing, it makes its way back between the poles. As you may notice I'm still obsessing over spring nudes and pastel brights.

This is just a portion of my shoe family, but defiantly the ones I wear the most. I have a crazy obsession with shoes and fun and crazy ones. Even though I have a fixation over elevated heels, I do still have my small collection of flats including my JC Coltrane's and Jordans. Sometimes you still got to keep it grounded (UG)!

If there's one thing I collect it's definitely vintage 1920's furniture and home decor. I started my collection of things when I was around 12 and have never stopped! I've collected things from a lounge tassel bench, rusted antique mannequin, candle stick telephone, Victorian inspired hat rack, and my all time favorite... my 1920's clothing trunk. For the amazing price of only $100, I bought this one-of-a-kind trunk after falling in-love with it during a shoot with Ms. Stalder! From the floral wallpaper design to the original wooded hangers this beauty holds my precious finds and undergarments. It defiantly has the eye catcher effect when you first enter my room.

A glimpse of just one of the places I store all my jewels on my twigg jewelry stand. Of course no need to display my LoveIt jewels because I'm usually wearing them:) As much as I love fashion I do have a love for art. Mixed in with all my self canvas paintings is my favorite sketch of all time drawn by no other than the master in Fashion Design sketching class JR Millama! As a Chirstmas present he sketched a figure of me in one of my favorite blog outfits ever. Brings back good memories:)  

Say hello to Manni! This would be the girl I run to when I'm in desperate need of a second opinion... okay so Manni doesn't talk but I defiantly use her to help me create looks. Sadly my mannequin is so old that the pole that holds it up to make her taller is rusted inside, so she a shorty for life. But just like me her seasonal outfits change constantly. I also use my antique gold magazine rack to hold my all time favorite Nylon and Vogue issues, as well as my constantly growing portfolio book.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Now in outfit preparation for independence day!

-Maritza M.