Monday, August 13, 2012

Lady Day: Blue Moon

Royal Blue turtle neck top- American Apparel/ 70s floral print skirt- Vintage/ White gold key necklace- LoveIt jewelry/ Basket weaved clutch- Thrifted/ Rounded hooded shades- Buffalo Exchange/ Soiree- Jeffrey Campbell

     While listening to usual Billie Holiday Pandora playlist while blogging, I started singing along to one of her classics hits "Blue Moon" and knew I had to dedicate this look to the blues legend. Also nicknamed Lady Day, Billie Holiday's deep husky sound fills my soul. She always makes me feel like a classy blues lady, which is exactly how I felt wearing this American Apparel turtle neck and 70's floral print slip. Topping off my look with a basket weaved clutch and Lucite heels, this was my version of a modern 70's stay home wife. Had a nice evening strolling around one of my favorite hangout areas in Old Town Orange. Also hitting up one of my favorite health foods restaurants Rutabegorz, I couldn't resist treating myself to a cup of hot green tea and a slice of rich warm carrot cake:) That sounds like a relaxing evening if you ask me! Now as the Lady of Blues once sang... "Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love on my own."
-Maritza M.   
  photos taken by my mother Juile Hileman<3

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to school essentials

          School is just around the corner and this year I'm starting out fresh with a new school and new wardrobe! Transferring to a new school is quiet the excitement but can't be ready without the whole package! Here are just some of the things I'll possess this semester:
                                                                                             1. Oversized dress sweaters
                                                                                             2. Lightweight book bag
                                                                                             3.Hard back notebook/sketch pad
                                                                                            4. Cross chain earrings
                                                                                            5. UNIF Leather zip-up shorts
                                                                                            6. Dolce Vita ankle boots
                                                                                           7. Large round face dusty rose watch
                                                                                           8. Floral headpieces
                                                                                           9. Joplin oversized shades

      Ready for a semester filled of creative design classes and new faces! OCC here I come!
-Maritza M.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dolce Vita: Dishi Blouse

Green leopard collar Dishi blouse- Dolce Vita/ Snake bite pants- Style Stalker/ Round hooded shades- Buffalo Exchange/ Vintage coin bracelet- LoveIt Jewelry/  Black litas- Jeffrey Campbell

      Officially preparing myself and my wardrobe for back to school. Transferring to a new school as well as making a transition into fall season is defiantly exciting! Some recent additions to my racks would be this fun leopard print collar button up complimentary of Dolce Vita :) Was overly anxious to open up another package from DV and almost died once I saw the leopard collar. Decided to pair it with these bad ass, snake bite, lace up pants by Style Stalker. I though this blouse needed a to have a fun partner in crime and to top it off with some thrifted leather Litas. Check out more Dolce Vita's fall 2012 collection and more here
-Maritza M.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lollipops & Polk dots

Reversible polka dot/gingham print shorts- Retro thrift/  Aquamarine striped criss-cross bikini top- American Apparel/ Mint crochet knit- OGU (LA)/ Tortoise shell cat-eye sunnies- Buffalo Exchange/ White & pink roller-skates 

   Summertime Sugar find! Finally like to share with you some new findings and news:) I must say this was one of my most anticipated shoot. Busting out the pink wheels I was overly excited to shoot these bad boys. Getting some looks while rolling around the beach was expected, being that I'm the only one still riding the quads. Yes, I do prefer quads over roller-blades, skateboard, or bicycle... simple because they match my outfit better;) This ensemble kinda of put itself together, feeling like a lollipop roller babe. Found these AMAZING high waisted reversible Polka dot shorts at my work! I fell in love the gingham pink print and then finding out they reserve into pink polka dots... I died! Topping off my beach look with a touched up pink ombre (which is pinker than ever), and I had to throw in a Disneyland bought giant lollipop! What cha think!? Now for more exciting news, I've received more goodies from Dolce Vita! I opened another clothing packaged this time from DV's fall collection. Excited to be featured as a guest blogger again, so stay tune to see the amazing piece they sent me! Much Love!
-Maritza M.

Hair & Makeup done by Jeanne Bagley
Photos taken by Julie Hileman           

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Neon white trim dress- Seaton/ White weaved hat- Buffalo Exchange/ Vintage white opal ring/ Soiree- Jeffrey Campbell

   Feelin' like a 70's beach babe in this neon beach cover-up! My newest addition to my summer beach wear that I stumbled upon from the sea of of neon brights at Buffalo. For the exceptional price of only $13.50, this white ball trim adorableness is perfect to throw over a wet bathing-suit for a day on the ocean side. I don't know about you, but when I'm at the beach a simple easy cover-up is much more satisfying than some tight denim shorts and a tank while your bathing suit is drying. Keeping it comfortably easy is a must while your running around in the sand. Bringing on the neon brights all summer:) Stay tune for more beach wear findings soon!!:) Happy Summer Days!
-Maritza M.     

Photos taken by Leah Slatic

Friday, July 13, 2012

LoveIt Jewelry Summer Blowout Sale!

LoveIt Jewelry 

   Stock up on your favorite summer jewelry now! LoveIt is having its summer blowout sale just for you! 30% off all jewels and free shipping on all orders! Dont miss out on wearing your own one- of-a-kind, Eco friendly pieces of jewelry! Had fun running around Long Beach for this summer shoot:) Tracie and I are both wearing LoveIt Jewelry's pieces from her summer collection:) See more HERE!!
-Maritza M.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lucite White

White Blazer- Kaitlyn/  Black & Gold vintage inspired top- Lovely Day/  High waisted white shorts- Buffalo Exchange/ LoveIt Jewelry/ Soiree heel- Jeffrey Campbell 

   All white alright! Lately I've been inspired by the classic street style of young British and French women. Seeing the street style of Europe looks so clean and refreshing! Finally got to pair my new glass slippers with thrift findings:) Definitely the perfect summer outfit I've assembled this year. Keeping cool with cute cut out tops and bright whites. Pairing my new every day heel with almost every outfit this week. Stay tune for some more thrifted treasures that recently hit my wardrobe! Keep cool:)
-Maritza M.

Photos taken by Julie Hileman:)