Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fauxy Faux

BGD faux fur tote/ BDG navy blazer/ Deena & Ozzy boot heels
  Obviously the fur on my bag is fake.. im not an animal killer.lol but im loving the faux fur look! anything to do with faux fur i fall in love with. Sorry for like no post lately, this past week was a busy one for me. I graduated from High School! finally! ive waited for that day my whole life and now i feel so free to start making my own decisions.. crazy the feeling you get by just graduating high school. Now that i have more free time on my hands you will definately see me posting more:) yaay for summer 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lazy weekend outlook

thrift sweater-$3/ american apperal turquoise shorts/brown straped wedges buffalo exchange
I found this chunky grandpa sweater at the local thrift store for $3! Perfect for those days I feel like being comfortable but with pattern too. Lately the weather here in the OC has been bipolar.. its been cloudy and cold and then the sun will come out but it will still have that cold breeze.. so for those bipolar days I wear this outfit:)
       So other than new findings this week is a big one for me.. I graduate from high school this thursday and Ive been waiting for this day since I started 1st grade! Its just now hitting me that im considered to be and adult now and soon going to be starting my after high school life...it went by soo fast but im glad it did because I've always been a girl not fitted for high school... time to do bigger and better things with my life and make something of myself.. cant wait to get my foot in the door of the fashion industry and make a name for myself! let the journey begin:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

silk & skin

     My summer apperal will consist of some silk, mesh, and skin this year inspired by some of these outfits. Summer 2011 cant wait for you.. know it will be a good one filled with road trips, good laughs, sand, kisses, sleepover, parties, kickbacks, shopping trips, LA adventures, and all the other fun things that come with being an 18 year old wild child full of grace:)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


demin button shirt Thrift store/ black and white tapestry vest Thrift Store/redish boheiman vest Buffalo Exhange/leather shorts Forever21
   Heres a quick outfit post in my favorite loose demin button up shirt with a pair of my favorite leather shorts i recently got at my last trip to Buffalo Exchange. Im really picky when it comes to buying thrift items but every once in awhile ill get lucky in finding some unique apperal that isnt worn out too bad. This tapestry vest i found was one of those! I saw it and fell in love with the bohieman style print and it was only $3:)) bargain buying definately one of my all time favorite hobbies:) ill be wearing this thing till its death:)