Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to school..street fashion style

UO fall collection / Nasty Gal
      So my first semester of college attire looks a little something like this. My first day of college was pretty exciting. Filled up my schedule with loads of fashion classes from fashion design, careers in fashion, and even a workroom sketching class to get started on my portfolio. Finally i can offically call myself a "fashion student" eager and ready to learn. Get me get high off fashion!:) Already starting to plan the fall semester fashion show with the theme picked by my very own classmates "Escape from Wonderland" which will be Dec.1st so keep a watch out for updates of that. I also signed up to be assistant director for a Wet Seal convetion panel at FJC. Boards from Wet Seal will be visiting FJC to meet with fashion students and discuss new trends, street fashion and all kinds of good stuff. So excited for this semester filled with busy fashion bussiness. The joys of being in college:)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Santa Monica Gazing

Promenade St. Santa Monica/ The Grove LA/ Melrose St./Hollywood blvd
      Some snapshots taken from yesturdays shopping in Santa Monica and all around LA. All day walking through LA through fisheye view was pretty amazing let me tell you:) I dont remember Promenade St. being so alive with local musicians but I do remember Santa Monica pier being ridiculously fun with all their attractions and artist. Remind me to hit up Little Tokyo next time I stop by in downtown LA though because I have a feeling driving through isn't the same as shopping through:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

late summer luxury

          Been in the shopping mood lately. I think its because I got rid of a lot of my old wear and traded it at Buffalo Exchange.  I've been wanting to update my wardrobe since summer is almost over and school season is around the corner. Getting full off fashion indeed this month.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell 2011

If theres one obession I have that takes up pretty much most of my room, it would definatley be my 100 pairs of shoes. From heels, wedges, flats, strappy sandals to even my 10 pairs of nikes and creative recreations, trust me i have it all. But the one pair of shoes I do not yet to own and crave to wear is my every own pair of Jeffery Campbell heels! My god I need me some of these! These funky style, variety print heels give the look of high fashion as well as fun and outgoing. Im determined to find me my perfect pair and when I do I'll be posting them all over my blogg no worries:) So for now ill internet shop and dream of my next pair of elevated shoes...