Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LoveIt jewelry giveaway winner!

Serengeti earrings/ Gamelia headpiece worn as bracelet/ Tumbleweed earring
     I'm happy to announce the lucky winner for the LoveIt jewelry giveaway is... Josie! Congratulations, please send an email to and we will send you a voucher! Thank you for all who entered we enjoyed reading all your comments! There will be more giveaways to come so stay tuned !Much Love!
- Maritza M.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cosmic Love: Inspiration Board

Kristofer Kane- Galaxy print/ Cosmic Cat/ Intergalactic leggings

   Enter the cosmic world... put together my latest inspiration board ft. Kristofer Kane designs, which are to die for. Loving the galaxy print silhouettes and cosmic colors! And of course you cant forget the cosmic CAT! Life will be complete the day I have a cosmic cat... Needed to express my love for a obvious trend in 2012. One day left to enter the LoveIt Jewelry giveaway!! You don't want to miss out on a amazing jewelry giveaway! So enter here!
-Maritza M.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Desert Rose fringe Kimono/ Harley Davidson vintage tank- thrift/ Vintage Levi jean shorts/ Olive Canvas Lana- Jeffrey Campbell/ LoveIt Jewelry

  Quick look post before I'm off at another day at the Buffalo. Once again wearing some more possibilities that could be yours if you enter the LoveIt Jewelry giveaway! Only five days left to enter and then on Wednesday the 29th we will be announcing the lucky winner of the $125 voucher! Dont miss out on your chance to own your choice of Eco-friendly jewelry! Enter here! Put together my casual look with some LoveIt jewels. Purchased this vintage Harley Davidson tee at my work for only $9 compared to online where I saw this same vintage tee for over $100. Crazy! The joys of being a thrifter...
xo- Maritza M.

I'm wearing:
"Bohemian Gem" (bracelet)- Rare textured brass chain. 1970s brass love connector. Mix of semi-precious stones. Antique pendant "My CB Handle Is" which has room for an engraving of your unique CB name. 

"I Want Candy" (earrings)- 1960s moonstone glass beads with brass. Stamped .925 sterling silver hooks.

"Buffalogal" (ring)- Genuine turquoise, vintage brass, adjustable brass ring. 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Early Age

Black lace tail dress- Vogue/  LoveIt Jewelry/ Two-tone nude platform- Qupid/ Vintage black leather brief case- Buffalo Exchange

     Dripping in some more LoveIt Jewelry! Today's outfit consisted of a black romantic silhouette and delicate jewels. Found this lace tail dress while shopping on Melrose. Couldn't help myself when I notices the deep backless V and the flared sleeves. Shot some more LoveIt Jewelry today with the one and only Tracie Pennypacker! Together we shot some more pieces you could possibly win if you ENTER the LoveIt Jewelry giveaway!! If you haven't heard we are giving a $125 voucher to any piece of LoveIt jewelry that you choose. All you have to do is follow four simple steps!! Enter asap here. Don't miss out on this amazing giveaway and keep posted for more LoveIt pieces. Can't wait to see who wins this big giveaway!
-Maritza M.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slits & Skin

Vintage acid wash Levi jacket/ Studded bralette- Switchblade Stiletto/  Pastel pink slit skirt- OGU/  Journey necklace- LoveIt/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

    Wearing some new pieces I mixed together to collide the hard and the soft. Who knew that studs, pleats, and acid wash would go together... I sure didn't. Kind of just threw this look together and ended up sticking with it to fit my mood of not giving a damn, wild child full of grace. Wearing another Eco-friendly piece of jewelry! This Journey necklace is another part of the LoveIt collection and 15% of this purchase goes to Save the Turtle, Inc. So if you have enter our LoveIt Jewelry Giveaway you could win this beautiful piece or any of your choice! If you haven't entered yet do so here !!! Its LoveIt's biggest giveaway yet!! So make sure you ENTER asap!! See what you could win and shop more LoveIt jewelry here! Much Love!
- Maritza M.

photographer credit: JR Millama

Friday, February 17, 2012

Desert Rose

Rayon printed bell pants- Skies are blue/  Chiffon ivory blouse- Frenchi/  Brown strap heel- Buffalo Exchange/ LoveIt Jewelry

         My latest purchase from my favorite Fullerton boutique "Roadkill", are these bright colored, fun printed bell bottoms. Knew they were a "must have" when I spotted them. Paired them with some hippie styled strap heels and amazing LoveIt pieces! Once again, another 70's inspired look. I think I secretly wish I was apart of that decade. Make sure if you , haven't already, to ENTER the LoveIt Jewelry Giveaway!!! You could win one of these lovely pieces I'm wearing or any of your choice! All details on how to enter here!  Happy Friday guys!
 xo - Maritza M.

I am wearing:
Journey Necklace- Vintage steal chain, 1970's sea turtle pendent, natural jasper, coral & turquoise, vintage hand carved bone beads.
Desert Rose Ring- Actual desert rose, turquoise.
Caravan- Vintage 1960's copper crust, 1960's/70's filigrees, sterling silver earring hooks.
Desert Dance bracelet- 1970's charms, 1960's Lucite beads, raw turquoise, reclaimed sterling silver amber pendent, vintage reclaimed chain. 
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