Monday, February 6, 2012

Crème & Nude

Accordion Pleat Pants Crème- American Apparel/Chain Print Leotard- Silence + Noise/ Vintage Coach Purse- Buffalo Exchange/ Two Tone Nude Platforms- Qupid

 You can always count on American Apparel to bring out the nude tones in you. Anytime I wear the nude color palette it always seems to be from American Apparel which I feel is always a good purchase when its found in my work. Found this amazing vintage Coach purse at my work with already broken in leather and still in good condition. Will be blogging about it more soon.
    So today I did a shoot with these lovely ladies for Torch Magazine! Total success, I've actually never worked with other models before, but I do have to say its way more fierce when you have two other models to feed off energy from! Had fun posing with Erica and Marcy. Will be posting those looks and shots in the next week! Cant wait to see how they turned out. Stay Tune!
                                                                         -Maritza M.


  1. Sounds fun! I'm still so jealous you work at Buffalo Exchange! Love your pants. I wish there were an American Apparel close to me. :( <3


    1. I still think you should apply at a Buffalo Exchange!lol haha I actually got these American Apparel at Buffalo!lol I never pay full price for anything!