Sunday, May 29, 2011

American Gold

Black tassel vest Buffalo Exchange/ MIA t-shirt DeeLux/ American Vintage high waisted jean shorts/black studded bow cluth Kaitlyn

My newest vintage finding! I bought this black tassel vest this weekend at local thirft store Buffalo Exchange for $12! Ive been having thirft luck this whole week.. I found a total of 5 things this whole week from different Goodwills and Buffalo Exchanges.. Ill blog each one no worries:)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

American Vintage

Today i was looking through local thrift store with my bargain buyer friends and we happen to stop in at American Vinatge in downtown Fullerton (my common weekend hang out area). I love walking through this particular thrift store because everything in there is 1980s and older! I could look in there for days its pretty amazing. So if your in the area of Fullerton sometime make sure you stop by American Vintage:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gypsy Den

Slience&Noise yellow sequence blouse/ BDG blazer/vintage high waisted shorts/Contributor buckle flats
Recently ate at the Gypsy Den at The Lab in costa mesa with my friend Meghan.. the place to go for a relaxing, artsy, care free atmosphere..highly recommend when you want a healthy meal.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ubran Outfitters crop top/ American vintage jean shorts/forever21 tassel sachel/ sequence low top converse
check out my at ..:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday morning rain is falling, steal some covers, share some skin

Oster #92 april/may 2011 issue/ fashion inpriations/ Teen Vogue Prom issue/ Hollywood adventure with Rob:)/My last visit to FIDM in La with Sara.
Sunday mornings are usually the times when I think of what I need to do for the week and what goals ill seek to accomplish ...but this morning, only one thing seems to occupy my this past thursday I visited Cathy Chambers a counsler at the Irvine location of the Fashion Institute to talk about my future goals in attending FIDM (my dream school since i was 9). Before I visited her though she gave me 2 surveys and questionnaires to fill out to decided what major would best fit me and quite ironically I got 100% in fashion design. So now knowing where I wanna go in life and where I want to end up its time to start getting there. This next week will be a busy one, applying to FIDM , finishing up my senior yr. in HS, and dance will take up most of my time...but for now ill look through some fashion inspirations that will keep me in check:).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

breathe in fashion, exhale style

Forest Green knitted sweater (found in moms closet), Sparkle &Fade nude blouse, Straped Wedges (Buffalo Exchange)
What a better way to start my new Fashion Youth blogg than with one of my favorite outfitts:) I currently wore this outfit on a day out to Laguna Beach thrift shopping. My best hobbie...:)