Monday, January 23, 2012


Vintage Iron Maiden tee/ Vintage Bermans Suede coat/ American Vintage fur collar/ Vintage Levi shorts/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

   Meet Ms. Dewella...Met this feline friend while snapin some shots today over at this cute Spanish inspired housing in Fullerton called "Dewella". So I decided to name her "Ms. Dewella" after her home. I always seem to find the stray cats whenever Im out and about... and everytime I do my get over excited because cats are my favorite animals since a young age. So glad I finally got to model with one of these sexy creatures:) My first day of second semester attire turned out to be many vintage pieces of clothing all put together. Was a comfortable look until it started raining... Make sure to check out the finally revamp of my blog and a sepcial birthday post look on Wed.! Much Love!
-Maritza M.

p.s.- I really want to change my url link , but ive been holding off because I want all my followers to know when I change it and what my new url will be! I want to make it more simple. Ill let you know forsure day and time when I change it. let me know in a comment if you read this so I know how many ppl. know this before I change it. Thanks:)

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  1. super cute look!! love the vintage jacket and the dropped arm holes on your shirt. i need to do that to some vintage t's. :) <3