Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Suede + Accordion Pleats


Bermans Suede Leather coat/ San Andre Blouse/ American Apparel Accordion Pleat skirt/ Popkiller eyewear/ Giani Bernini clutch/ Jeffrey Campbell Lana

     Seasonal cold weather has done me well this winter. Pushing me to load up on the knits, furs, and collard coats. Scared to know what Ill have to wear once spring hits and I have a closet full of winter. But in the meantime Ill enjoy bundling up in these vintage pieces I purchased at my work. Finally found a perfect fitting Lapel coat that doesnt have un flattering shoulder pads or undesirable box cut. This coat won my love when I saw the princess styled construction lines detail on the back. Was a winner! Snaped these shots after a hangout celebration with best friend Jr Millama for finishing our 1st semester of design classes. Shared some laughs over milk tea and brick toast at local hot spot "Eden Cafe" in downtown fullerton. Then explored this hidden court yard filled with high end boutiques and the finest dinnings. Things you find when your a curious wanderer. 

photo credit: Jr Millama check out his blog here: