Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silent Shore

High waisted two-piece bathing suit- J.Crew/ Desert Rose fringe Kimono/ LoveIt Jewelry 

   Already looking forward to summer... Here's a quick glimpse of what my summer wardrobe will consist of... High waisted swim suits, light weight throw overs, and every shape of shades you can think of:) May is just around the corner and then Summer begins which means... road trips, beach days, and a new seasonal wardrobe:)  Shot these photos at the quiet beach of Laguna with friends Rob and Kaleena<3 Stay Tune for more looks soon:)
xo- Maritza M.


  1. ♥ I haven't been to Laguna in forever bc Jason works there everyday lol. Love the look!

  2. I haven't been to the beach in forever!lol This was like the 1st time in awhile.. what i didnt know Jason works in Laguna!! soo jealous!

  3. Ohh very pretty! That kimono is beautiful! Love your jewelry :)

    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale