Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Woman

Ramones tee- Vintage/ American Flag studded shorts- Handmade thirft/ Circle shades- Popkiller/ Metallic Midnight Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

      Star, stripes, and studs... make for a bad ass pair of shorts! Kinda obsessed with these handmade American Flag shorts! They came in over the buy counter at my work from a girl that hand stitched the side stars and stripes! I thought that was pretty awesome how good they looked for being handmade. Then I decided to add my touch to them by added some stud detailing. Paired them up with a thirfted Ramones tee and my Metallic Midnight Litas. What you think? Happy Thursday everyone:)

Photos taken by Christopher Vincent


  1. Awesome! Love all the little details!! Those earrings are AWESOME!

    - Josie ::

  2. love this post! very rock and roll xoxo