Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Renew, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Just a quick Tuesday night post of one of my favorite photos Ive taken of all times. The line of vintage pieces and fabrics excites me everytime! Im a big fan of renew/recycled fashion and I feel like this one photo screams it. And speaking of recycled fashion im proud to say Im now the newest Buyer at Buffalo Exchange Fullerton. Finally getting hired at a retail store at one of my favorite thirft shops ever is an exciting! I love everything about it and im so happy to be apart of the Buffalo team. Also glad that its now Novemember, many exciting events going on this month. Just keep filling up my schedule with important dates:) xo -maritza 


  1. i love your blog and this post! its so awesome that you work for buffalo, i'm an avid vintage lover myself. i'm officially following your blog. be a doll and follow me back?:) i also sell vintage on etsy. i just started, so i only have a few pieces up, eek!

  2. Thank You for your feedback! I love comments! Yess I just followed!! I love your blog as well and Etsy! Im a big fan of vintage pieces! Thanks! -Maritza M.