Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Theme Board

Black-Bird Portriats shoot/Sketch by Gowa Prb

           The flow of college life is final starting to kick into mode with me. Not finding the time to post new stuff really gets to me, but lately I come across many new wardrobe findings and acessories so my goal for October will be to blogg about my findings! Just thought I would post some photots from my black-bird portraits shoots back in April that were never seen before. Since most of my life is spent at school now Ive also found some time to hit the local thrift shops with Fashion design classmates JR and Gowa which Gowa sketched this awsome picture of me from last thursdays model casting night. Just thought id show off her amazing talents for quick sketch. Even though its beginning to become winter im already in the mood for rosy pastel colors and cream whites of spring. Maybe i can just pull off those colors in winter..?

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